The Fittest

InvasionDerek and Christina break into Russell’s park ranger station, but he isn’t there; they attack Mona Gomez, Russell’s fellow ranger, and steal her boat. When Russell arrives at the station, he learns who attacked Mona, but before he can call for backup to begin a search, Tom Underlay insists on the two of them searching alone. This means Russell will miss a meeting between Larkin, Mariel, and his children, a meeting where Mariel promises to answer their questions about Kira, and about what has happened to herself as well. The meeting doesn’t go as expected, and while Jesse and Rose are reassured that Kira has not become a hybrid, their faith in Mariel is shaken. Russell and Tom don’t find Derek and Christina, but they do find two groups of Honduran immigrants who are in the country illegally – some of them have become hybrids, but a few haven’t, and have been evicted from the hybrids’ camp. Finally, one of the men reveals that Derek and Christina have passed through, leading Russell and Tom to a camping cabin. But the two hyrbids get the drop on their would-be captors and escape, leaving death in their wake – including the only source of information on the hybrids that Russell had.

Order this DVDwritten by Juan Carlos Coto
directed by Fred Toye
music by Jon Ehrlich & Jason Derlatka

Guest Cast: James Frain (Andrew Dennison / Eli Szura), Elisabeth Moss (Christina), Michael Mitchell (Derek), Rocky Carroll (Healy), Matthew Ross (Vince), Jesus Mayorga (Oscar), Frank Merino (Hybrid migrant #1), Giovanni Martinez (Hybrid migrant #2)

LogBook entry by Earl Green