The Last Phantom

Holmes & YoyoWhen an attempt is made on the life of an eccentric, headstrong Hollywood director, Holmes and Yoyo find themselves drawn into the world of showbiz, populated with plenty of people who might have a motive to derail an upcoming remake of The Phantom Of The Opera. But who is the prime suspect? The disgruntled actor, a stuntman with a knack for both imaginary and real violence, or a man who never shows his face on film?

written by Arne Sultan & Earl Barret
directed by Jack Arnold
music by Dick Halligan

Holmes & YoyoCast: Richard B. Shull (Detective Alex Holmes), John Schuck (Officer Gregory “Yoyo” Yoyonovich), Bruce Kirby (Captain Harry Sedford), Andrea Howard (Officer Maxine Moon), Cliff Norton (Dr. Keller), Stefan Gierasch (Monty Logan), Arnold Soboloff (Brockman), Angus Duncan (Carson), King Moody (Clay Dorsey), Linda Gray (Dr. Fletcher), William Bronder (1st Detective), Augie Tribach (Fosse)

LogBook entry by Earl Green