The K-9 Caper

Holmes & YoyoHolmes and Yoyo are in hour six of watching a liquor store that the chief believes will be robbed, though there’s a distinct lack of robbing taking place. When a woman screams that her purse has been stolen, the two policeman are relieved to finally be in the thick of the action…until they see that the “thief” is a dog, and by the time they return from pursuing it (without retrieving the “stolen” purse), the heist at the liquor store has gone down, completely unwitnessed by police. Having blown their stake-out, Holmes and Yoyo are taken off the liquor store case, though another complaint about a purse-snatching dog piques their interest. Does the dog have a partner in crime, or just an expensive taste in handbags? And why does Yoyo keep jabbing his partner in the shoulder unexpectedly?

written by James Ritz
directed by John Astin
music by Dick Halligan

Holmes & YoyoCast: Richard B. Shull (Detective Alex Holmes), John Schuck (Officer Gregory “Yoyo” Yoyonovich), Bruce Kirby (Captain Harry Sedford), Andrea Howard (Officer Maxine Moon), Timothy Blake (Mrs. Chambers), Dick Balduzzi (Musician),
Allan Drake (Mr. Wittowski), Albert Popwell (Councilman), Vera Lockwood (Woman), Robert Hackman (Doorman), Al Stellone (Sgt. Hansen)

LogBook entry by Earl Green