The Rules Of Luton

Space: 1999Koenig, Tony Verdeschi and Maya are en route to explore an Earthlike world when their Eagle develops an oxygen leak. Koenig sends Verdeschi back to pick up a different Eagle, while he and Maya explore the planet. Maya spots edible vegetation, but when Maya picks and flower Koenig bites into a handful of berries, they hear screams – and a voice proclaims them guilty of murder. Cutting off the explorers’ contact with Moonbase Alpha, the voices claim to be the Judges of Luton, and force Koenig and Maya to fight a trio of previous transgressors. Koenig and Maya evade the three hulking aliens for as long as possible, and then Koenig tries to convince them not to fight – a potential truce to which the Judges take exception.

Order the DVDswritten by Charles Woodgrove
directed by Val Guest
music by Derek Wadsworth

Guest Cast: Tony Anholt (Tony Verdeschi), David Jackson (Alien Strong), Godfrey James (Alien Transporter), Roy Marsden (Alien Invisible), Yasuko Nagazumi (Yasko)

Notes: David Jackson went on to star, a year and a half later, as one of Blake’s 7; in later interviews, he likened the experience to “acting with a tent over your head.” Koenig reveals that he was married on Earth, but his wife was a casualty of a catastrophic global war; Dr. Russell reminds him of her.

LogBook entry by Earl Green