The Drought

Ark IIArk II investigates an area that hasn’t seen a drop of rain in over a month. A Morse code message flashed in a mirror warns Jonah and his crew to stay away; instead, Jonah and Ruth scouut ahead in the smaller, more agile Roamer. Samuel and Adam find Fagon and his gang of Flies nearby, and shares Ark II’s water supply with them before being lured outside by a cry for help. Once none of the Ark crew is aboard, Fagon hijacks the vehicle. Jonah straps on the jet pack to follow it. A nearby tribe is discovered to have a cloud-seeding device that could end the drought almost instantly, but instead they worship it – and plan to sacrifice Ruth and Samuel to it.

Ark IIwritten by Martin Roth
directed by Ted Post
music by Yvette Blais & Jeff Michael and Horta-Mahana

Cast: Terry Lester (Jonah), Jean Marie Hon (Ruth), Jose Flores (Samuel), Jonathan Harris (Fagon), Tierre Turner (Tick), Richard Balin (Witch Doctor), Lou Scheimer (voice of Adam)

Notes: Fagon and the “Flies” were last seen in the first eisode of the series. Jonah’s comment about the jet pack’s low fuel is an in-joke about the prop’s inability to keep its wearer airborne for more than 30 seconds.

LogBook entry by Earl Green