The Carlisle Girl

Future CopWhen Bundy frees a man that Cleaver is certain is involved in a drug deal, he draws Cleaver’s disdain and suspicion. As Bundy takes some time off after their long partnership grows icy, Cleaver and Haven do some more digging and discover that Bundy’s own daughter, returning from overseas, could be framed by this suspect – hence Bundy rolling over and letting him off. Cleaver is angry enough to take drastic measures to bring the full weight of the law down on this drug ring and make sure Bundy’s daughter isn’t implicated…but the real challenge is to introduce Haven to the idea of operating somewhat flexibly within criminal law.

Order the complete series on DVDwritten by Harold Livingston
directed by Vincent McEveety
music by J.J. Johnson

Future CopCast: Ernest Borgnine (Cleaver), Michael Shannon (Haven), John Amos (Bundy), Irene Tsu (Dr. Tingley), Herbert Nelson (Capt. Skaggs), Peter Donat (Herb Conroy), Tracy Reed (Natalie Bundy), Kim Hamilton (June Bundy), Sheree North (Claire Hammond), Edward Bach (Officer Fitzgerald), Angela May (Waitress), Louie Elias (Bruce), Fred M. Porter (Gardner), Michael Edward Lally (Policeman), Morris Buchanan (Atkinson), Cynthia Wood (Carlisle Girl)

LogBook entry by Earl Green