The Mad Mad Bomber

Future CopA stink bomb goes off in the police precinct, but this means more than Cleaver not getting to enjoy Bundy’s corned beef sandwich; an anonymous note indicates that this was just a test run for something far more dangerous. Haven turns his analytical abilities toward finding hidden clues in the note, and determining the identity of the suspect. But the suspect is growing bolder with each incident, and not all of Haven’s logical deductions are correct: the department is dealing with a random, deranged mind. By the time Haven puts all the clues together, Chief Skaggs is tired of listening to him, and demands that Cleaver return the android to his manufacturer.

Order the complete series on DVDteleplay by Ken Kolb and Harold Livingston
story by Ken Kolb
directed by Ted Post
music by J.J. Johnson

Future CopCast: Ernest Borgnine (Cleaver), Michael Shannon (Haven), John Amos (Bundy), Irene Tsu (Dr. Tingley), Herbert Nelson (Chief Skaggs), Harry Guardino (Brad Bannock), Albert Salmi (Chief Ross Wheeler), Gerrit Graham (Cliff Yancey), Dennis Bowen (Red), Jack Bannon (Deputy Mayor), Bill Zuckert (Lt. Fisk), Bob Hanley (Roberts), Rick Sawaya (Zack), Mike Lally Sr. (Warehouse Clerk), Bob Golden (Sports Arena Policeman), Paul Schumacher (Desk Sergeant), John Andersonjo (Bramlett), John Kirby (Young Patrolman), Mary Moon (Cindy), Guy Remsen (Shore Patrol Guard #1), Michael Payne (Shore Patrol Guard #2), George Sawaya (Spector), Fred Draper (Lt. Commander), Sharon McGee (Wave)

Future CopNotes: Filmed as a two-part story, The Mad Mad Bomber parts one and two were joined together as an ABC Friday Night Movie. With a script co-written by future Star Trek: The Motion Picture scriptwriter (and Future Cop story editor) Harold Livingston, this is an attempt at a more dramatic, less comedic story than the series’ usual format. George Sawaya, credited with a minor part, is also the series’ stunt coordinator. This episode introduces a voice-over by Ernest Borgnine over the opening credits in an attempt to clarify the series’ premise for new viewers.

LogBook entry by Earl Green