The Poison Pen

Friday The 13th: The SeriesAfter taking a vote among his fellow senior monks on whether or not to sell the property on which his order’s monastery sits, Abbot Capilano experiences a miracle, levitating off the ground and floating away from the monastery’s tower. He then plunges to his death.

Suspicious of newspaper reports about a monk with a disturbingly good track record of predicting people’s deaths, Ryan and Mickey poses as monks (with Mickey pretending to be a man) and gain entry to the monastery. It isn’t long before another prophecy of doom is made, this time about the abbot’s successor, who dies right on schedule. At the shop, Jack believes he’s tracked down which cursed artifact has found itself in the wrong hands at the monastery – a cursed quill pen whose writings are destined to come true. Now Ryan and Mickey have to find out which of the monks is dabbling in forces far beyond his control, though the grisly death of the man they believe is the prophet of doom throws them off their trail. But the real writer of the deadly predictions is still at large – and now he knows that the two young monks who have just arrived are a threat to his ambitions.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Dunford King
directed by Timothy Bond
music by Fred Mollin

Cast: John D. LeMay (Ryan Dallion), Wendy Robey (Mickey Foster), Chris Wiggins (Jack Marshak), Colin Fox (Le Croix), Larry Reynolds (Brother Currie), Alar Aedma (Brother Drake), Lewis Gordon (Abbot Capilano), Gillie Fenwick (Brother Arrupe), Jayne Heeley (Reporter #1), Les Niremberg (Reporter #2), Ron Gabriel (Marvin Green)

Friday The 13thNotes: This is the first of three Friday The 13th appearances by veteran Canadian actor Colin Fox. His other two appearances – each as a different character – are in the show’s second season. He would later become a regular on such series as Psi Factor, and guest starred in such series as Wonderfalls, The Dead Zone, Forever Knight, Goosebumps and Relic Hunter. He’s also racked up an impressive number of animation voice credits, notably as the voice of King Harkinian in the once-weekly animated Legend Of Zelda segments of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Director Timothy Bond is a mainstay behind the camera of many Canadian-made genre series, including further Friday episodes (one of which, Eye Of Death, he also wrote), War Of The Worlds, TekWar, Robocop: The Series, Forever Knight, The Outer Limits and Mutant X. Some of his directing assignments outside of Canada’s borders included two third season epiosdes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and a few episodes of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

LogBook entry by Earl Green