Beware of Dog

FarscapeChiana brings a small creature called a Vorc aboard Moya; the traders who sold it to her convinced her that the Vorc will rid the Leviathan of parasites. The others are skeptical that there even are any parasites, and even if there are, the Vorc appears too feeble to do anything about them. Shortly thereafter, Crichton seems to confirm at least part of Chiana’s story – he claims to have seen a beast of some kind trying to damage Moya. Since Crichton also claims to be seeing visions of Scorpius, however, his judgement is not wholly trusted at the moment. Then D’Argo encounters the beast, and in their altercation D’Argo is poisoned. Zhaan tells the crew to use the Vorc to find the creature so she can concoct an antidote; to their surprise, they see the small creature transform into the larger beast. But when they bring it to Zhaan, she can find no trace of the poison in its system. There is another predator on the ship – but what is its relation to the Vorc and to the others aboard ship?

Order the DVDswritten by Naren Shankar
directed by Tony Tilse
music by Guy Gross

Guest Cast: Wayne Pygram (Scorpius), Martin O’Leary (Ravorc)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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