Last Chance

PrimevalBiding their time until the next rescue attempt, the male members of the Britannia 7 crew use the station’s environment simulator to spend a day on the golf course, though they quickly discover that there are worse problems than trying to teach Mrs. Noah how to play, namely the computer-generated golf course which simulates things a little too perfectly, including sudden downpours. But Earth has worse news than that: a rescue plan has been devised which involves the crew bailing out of Britannia 7 and hang-gliding to Earth from the upper-atmosphere, a risky, never-before-tested escape method. Can Mrs. Noah really go home, or would it be better to remain in orbit?

Come Back, Mrs. Noahwritten by Jeremy Lloyd & David Croft
directed by Bob Spiers
music by John Scott / theme song by David Croft

Cast: Mollie Sugden (Mrs. Noah), Ian Lavender (Clive Cunliffe), Donald Hewlett (Carstairs), Michael Knowles (Fanshaw), Tim Barrett (Garfield Hawk), Ann Michelle (Scarth Dare), Joe Black (Garstang), Jennifer Lonsdale (The Technician), Gorden Kaye (The Television Presenter), Jean Gilpin (2nd Technician)

Notes: This is the final episode of the series and, as painful as it is to admit, it beats Star Trek: The Next Generation to the holodeck concept by nearly a decade. Whatever points the show gains for anticipating that concept, a few can probably be deducted for the apparent confusion between a space station and a starship (since the station apparently has some form of interplanetary drive).

LogBook entry by Earl Green