Noche de Suenos

Eureka On the way home from a jogging session with Allison, Carter saves Fargo from being hit by an out-of-control tractor trailer hauling Eureka’s consolidated waste. One uncomfortable detoxification session later, Carter is ready to head off to dreamland . . . but the next morning he discovers that his subconscious was broadcasting into other people’s dreams. And he’s not the only one – dozens of people have shared dreams, with many an uncomfortable secret exposed. Fargo experiences the truck driver’s dream of dying – just before the driver’s lungs fail. Carter discovers that Vincent hasn’t shared any dreams, so he gathers the dreamers in Café Diem to see if the location has any effect. It doesn’t, which leads to a few more embarrassing dreams shared – and to Jack getting an image of Henry erasing his memory. Several dreamers don’t wake up at all – they have an elevated chemical level in their bloodstreams that leads to paralysis. Carter finds the first link between the dreamers when he learns that they were all used as subjects in an experiment to utilize people’s unused brainpower during sleep – but something else is exacerbating the problem. The last piece of the puzzle falls in place when Allison admits that she and Stark were using an experimental device to let Allison communicate with Kevin in her dreams. The process is working, and dream-Kevin seems prepared to show Allison something about the nature of the artifact. But first, they need to find a way to cure the dreamers.

Order the DVDswritten by Jaime Paglia
directed by Eric Laneuville
music by Bear McCreary

Guest Cast:

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer