E=MC … ?

Eureka Global Dynamics is about to embark on one of its most significant projects ever – a recreation of the Big Bang itself. To ensure the project’s success, Allison wants to add a little more brain power. When a recruiter brings Zane Donovan, a recently-arrested genius hacker and physicist, to town, it seems like a good fit for all concerned. Except for Donovan, who has a long history of going his own way, and for Carter and Jo, who have keep tabs on him until he proves himself to be trustworthy. After Donovan hacks Carter’s credit card information, it seems like that is a very long way off. A larger concern is the Big Bang experiment – Henry, Nathan and Allison have all begun to lose intelligence and regress to a more adolescent mindset, and as a result Henry lets the containment field around the experiment deteriorate. Unless Carter can find someone to fix the problem, the explosion will be disastrous. But every expert in physics and in human biology has also been afflicted with deteriorating intelligence – except for the one that’s just committed a jailbreak.

Order the DVDswritten by Bruce Miller
directed by Tim Matheson
music by Bear McCreary

Guest Cast: Christopher Gauthier (Vincent), Niall Matter (Zane Donovan), Allison Hossack (Dr. Emily Glenn), Bill Mondy (Sam Lovejoy), Gabrielle Rose ()

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer