All That Glitters

Eureka Café Diem is at the end of the rainbow, as a statue outside the restaurant – and many of the fixtures in it – turn to gold. A problem of avarice becomes a matter of stability when the gold objects begin to rust away and decompose – including the metals that shore up walls and ceilings in Global Dynamics. Carter’s investigation leads through the statue’s creator to Zoe’s boyfriend and his unintended incurring of the alchemist’s curse.

Henry tries to help out Carter, but he has his own issues with being shut out of his lab. As Allison worries with Stark over Carter’s pursuit of the case, Stark reveals the lengths he’s gone to in order to solve the mystery of Kevin’s link to the artifact. First he had Beverly sent to Guantanamo for her role in the accident – and now he’s had her brought back to Eureka.

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directed by
music by Bear McCreary

Guest Cast: Debrah Farentino (Beverly Barlowe), Michael Shanks (Christopher Dactalos)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer