Sight Unseen

Eureka Someone is stealing chemicals all over Eureka – from the pharmacy, from the dry cleaner, even from moon rock samples at General Dynamics. Along with mutating rocks and exploding dry cleaners, Carter discovers that the missing compounds can be used to create an invisibility formula – a formula that would violate an international treaty. Suspicion briefly falls on the dry cleaner, a former researcher with whom Carter has developed a friendship, but soon turns to an ex-CIA agent who also worked on the project. Of course, finding an invisible man poses problems. Finding solutions becomes urgent when the formula – which contains radioactive compounds – gets into a cut on Carter’s hand. First he disappears from view, but without a cure, he’ll be gone for good.

Order the DVDswritten by Charlie Craig and Thalia St. John
directed by Donna Deitch
music by Bear McCreary

Guest Cast:

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer