God Is in the Details

Eureka Carter searches for a link between a number of strange events: Zoe and her friends have suddenly been struck mute. The water in a fish tank turns red. Allison’s skin begins to glow. He finds one connection in the glass near each incident – something has melted a small hole in the windows and the tank. When the usually-sparsely-populated church begins to fill up with people, Carter suspects another possible connection: perhaps the minister, a former scientist, has decide to give the town some extra incentive to fill the pews on Sunday. This theory meets with considerable skepticism from just about every, but Carter knows he has to pursue something: Allison’s condition is killing her, and Stark is almost out of ideas. As Stark tries one last desperate plan, Carter learns that a search for spiritual truth is indeed causing the strange events – but not the one that he suspected. And Henry may be the only person who can understand the desperation behind it all.

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music by Bear McCreary

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LogBook entry by Dave Thomer