Earth: Final ConflictEarly in the 21st century, a number of alien Taelons, calling themselves the Companions, have arrived on Earth, ridding the human race of disease, famine and other scourges of overpopulation, bringing Earth into a new era of prosperity. But not every human being trusts the Companions – what is the price of the Taelons’ boundless generosity?

Policeman William Boone tries to arrange for heightened security for the visit of Da’an, one of the Companions, to an urban area, only to have his efforts rebuffed. Boone’s worst nightmare comes to fruition when an attempt is made on Da’an’s life, and Boone’s partner takes the bullet meant for the alien. Worse yet, the sniper is revealed to be a fellow war veteran of Boone’s, now a member of an underground resistance movement whose mission is to undermine the Companions. While hunting down his fleeing former comrade, Boone is offered a high-ranking security position by the Taelons, but his immediate obsession is to solve the case at hand. But when Boone’s wife is killed in an act of terrorism, he is left with many questions – how widespread is the resistance movement against the Companions? And who killed Boone’s wife – the resistance, or perhaps the aliens themselves?

Season 1 Regular Cast: Kevin Kilner (Captain William Boone), Lisa Howard (Captain Lili Marquette), Von Flores (FBI Agent Ronald Sandoval), Leni Parker (Da’an), Richard Chevolleau (Augur), David Hemblen (Doors)

written by Gene Roddenberry
directed by Allan Eastman
music by Micky Erbe & Maribeth Solomon

Guest Cast: Miranda Kwok (Kwai-Ling), John Evans (Morovsky), Lisa Ryder (Kate Boone), Michael Filipowich (Corr), Monique Mojica (Mayor Ruiz), Paul Boretski (Jordan), Majel Barrett Roddenberry (Dr. Belman)

Notes: Launched almost exactly six years after the death of its creator, Earth: Final Conflict is the result of a series concept originally titled “Battleground: Earth” which Roddenberry was developing for CBS in 1976 before he was lured away to work on the proposed new Star Trek series which later evolved into the first Trek theatrical film. Majel Barrett, Roddenberry’s widow (and a recurring guest star in Star Trek’s numerous incarnations as well as Earth: Final Conflict) discovered her husband’s pilot script in 1995 and began looking for a studio to develop it into a new series. The name of Gene Roddenberry was officially made part of the show’s title to cash in on the posthumous fame of the creator of Star Trek.

LogBook entry by Earl Green

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