Earth: Final ConflictSandoval collapses while interrogating a suspected resistance sympathizer, and Dr. Belman believes that his CVI is deteriorating – and taking its host with it. Da’an and Belman reveal a previously unknown ability – the ability to use an anti-virus to destroy a CVI and prepare its host for a new implant. But Sandoval, stripped of the device that ensures his loyalty to the Companions, doesn’t intend to stick around for his new implant. Instead, he breaks free, hijacking Lili and her shuttle, and sets off to free his wife from the mental institution where he sent he when he was first implanted with his CVI. Da’an orders Sandoval killed immediately – his CVI carried more information than was given to most hosts, making Sandoval a high security risk. Sandoval reunites with his wife and seeks the help of the resistance in keeping her safe from the Taelons, but he knows that he must eventually allow a second CVI to be implanted or he will die. And in order to convince him to undergo the procedure, Boone must return a “favor” Sandoval once performed for him.

written by Paul Aitken
directed by Milan Cheylov
music by Micky Erbe & Maribeth Solomon

Guest Cast: Majel Barrett Roddenberry (Dr. Belman), Shary-Lee Guthrie (Dee Dee Sandoval), Diana Belshaw (Dr. Sharpe), T.L. Forsberg (Nell Hagar)

LogBook entry by Earl Green