The Plot To Kill A City, Part 2

Buck Rogers In The 25th CenturyMoments after he learns of a plan by criminal mastermind Seton Kellogg to detonate an antimatter charge in New Chicago, Buck’s cover is blown and he’s captured. Wilma has captured one of Kellogg’s conspirators and taken him back to Earth, but he refuses to surrender any information about the plot. Buck has to find a way back to Earth – but even when he does, Kellogg and his assassins are already on the planet, putting a backup plan into effect that doesn’t require the presence of Argus – and will still prove just as deadly to New Chicago.

Order the DVDswritten by Alan Brennert
directed by Dick Lowry
music by Stu Phillips

Guest Cast: Frank Gorshin (Seton Kellogg), John Quade (Jolen Quince), Anthony James (Varek), James McEachin (Selvan), Nancy DeCarl (Sherese), Markie Post (Joella Cameron), Robert Tessier (Marcos), James Sloyan (Barney), Victor Argo (Argus), Whitney Rydbeck (Hartsteen), Gwen Mitchell (Ticket Clerk), Nonice Williams (Katrina), John Furlong (1st Cop), Mitch Reta (Technician), Richard Reed (1st Rowdy), Seamon Glass (Pirate)

LogBook entry by Earl Green