The Plot To Kill A City, Part 1

Buck Rogers In The 25th CenturyBuck and Wilma arrest an assassin named Raphael Argus in a seedy bar, and use the confusion of the ensuing shootout as a cover for Buck to assume the killer’s identity. It’s all part of Dr. Huer’s plan to infiltrate a guild of mercenaries who are believed to be preparing to launch a terrorist strike on Earth itself. Wilma is sent on the undercover mission as well, which is just as well, since as part of his cover, Buck isn’t provided with any way to prove that he isn’t Argus, to make it easier for him to bluff his way into the midst of the conspirators. But the mercenaries have also taken steps to make sure that they can identify Argus upon his arrival – and they’ve also planted operatives within the Earth Defense Directorate with orders to sabotage Earth’s defensive capabilities. And when Wilma breaks her cover, Buck has to risk his own life to buy time for her escape.

Order the DVDswritten by Alan Brennert
directed by Dick Lowry
music by Stu Phillips

Guest Cast: Frank Gorshin (Seton Kellogg), John Quade (Jolen Quince), Anthony James (Varek), Nancy DeCarl (Sherese), Markie Post (Joella Cameron), Robert Tessier (Marcos), James Sloyan (Barney), Victor Argo (Argus), Mitch Reta (Technician), John Furlong (1st Cop), Richard Reed (1st Rowdy), Seamon Glass (Pirate), Sena Black (Woman)

LogBook entry by Earl Green