Vegas In Space

Buck Rogers In The 25th CenturyBuck is becoming annoyed in his efforts to wean Wilma and the other Earth Defense Directorate pilots off of computer control for every combat scenario, preferring his own instincts and reflexes instead. When they return to Earth from a particularly frustrating training exercise, Buck has a new task waiting for him – to accompany Major Marla Landers to Sinaloa, an entire planet devoted to leisure and gambling, on a mission to rescue a kidnapped computer programmer. Her employer, Mr. Armot, is a notorious (but, as yet, unconvicted) gun-runner who has offered to provide tactical information on the seemingly unbeatable Draconian hatchet fighters in exchange for this favor. Once they arrive on Sinaloa, Buck attracts the attention of a cocktail waitress named Tanji, while Major Landers gets the far more dangerous attention of Mr. Velosi, the proprietor of Sinaloa’s casino. Escaping from Sinaloa with the kidnapped programmer is enough of a risk, but Tanji wants Buck to buy her freedom too – or she’ll alert Velosi’s guards to Buck’s presence.

Order the DVDswritten by Anne Collins
directed by Sigmund Neufeld Jr.
music by Les Baxter

Guest Cast: Cesar Romero (Armot), Joseph Wiseman (Morphus), Richard Lynch (Velosi), Ana Alicia (Major Landers), Juanin Clay (Velosi’s thug), Pamela Susan Shoop (Falina), James Luisi (Guard), Alice Frost (Rita), Ted Chapman (Man)

LogBook entry by Earl Green