Greetings From Earth

Battlestar Galactica (original)A sleeper ship is recovered in deep space, containing six frozen human beings. Given their ship’s primitive technology and unknown origins, it becomes widely speculated that the six humans are from Earth itself, which may be closer than anyone realized. This theory, however, begins to crumble when the humans are revived – and instantly find the atmosphere aboard Galactica poisonous. Worse yet, the rumors of living Earth people are dividing the loyalties of the Colonial fleet, and Adama fears for their safety. Apollo, Cassiopea and Starbuck quietly escort the humans away from the fleet, and ferry them to the planet Paradeen, which was to have been their destination. But their arrival comes too late – all human life on Paradeen has been exterminated, courtesy of a neutron bomb launched by the Eastern Alliance from the humans’ home planet of Terra. When Eastern Alliance soldiers arrive on Paradeen to hunt down the final remaining humans, the Galactica officers get involved in the Terrans’ war – a decision which will shortly prove to be messier than they could ever imagine.

Order the DVDsDownload this episodewritten by Glen A. Larson
directed by Rod Holcomb
music by Stu Phillips

Guest Cast: Ray Bolger (Vector), Randolph Mantooth (Michael), Kelly Harmon (Sarah), Murray Matheson (Statesman Geller), Lesley Woods (Aggie Moreland), Frank Marth (Josh Moreland), Curt Lowens (Krebbs), Lloyd Bochner (Commandant Leiter), Bobby Van (Hector), Gary Vinson (Doyle), Alex Rodine (Lanceman), Lester Fletcher (Donner), Michelle Larson (Charity), Gillian Greene (Melanie), Eric Larson (Todd), Kimberly Woodward (Loma), David Larson (Walker), Donald Mantooth (Med tech), Ron Kelly (Security Officer Reese)

Notes: This two-hour episode is the beginning of a series of attempts to reformat the series for a lower budget (stock Nazi costumes being cheaper than Cylon armor), which eventually culminated in the show being recast and rebooted as Galactica: 1980.

LogBook entry by Earl Green