The Resurrectionists Of Lethe – Part 2

Alien WorldsSimon Toddmaster has turned the mortuary satellite, Lethe, into a horrifying means of gathering classified intelligence. By using replicants to seemingly bring the dead back to life, and inviting their loved ones to come and discuss their lives and work with them, Toddmaster records information that would otherwise have died with the deceased. If he can get Dr. Nicholson’s widow to reveal the whereabouts of his research, Toddmaster will gain a recipe for potent biological weapons. Maura, Graydon and Buddy set out to stop him.

written by Ron Thompson
based on an original story by Betty Yulius
directed by Lee Hansen
music by Jim Kirk

Cast: Roger Dressler (Narrator / Commissioner), Linda Gary (Maura Cassidy), Bruce Phillip Miller (Captain Jon Graydon), Corey Burton (Jerry Lyden), Chuck Olsen (Captain Buddy Griff), Hans Conreid (Simon Toddmaster), Susan Brown (Ann Nicholson), George DiCenzo (Dr. Richard Nicholson), Cliff Norton (Burkey), Jack Lukes (Carl), Sally Smaller (Ingrid)

LogBook entry by Earl Green