Battlestar Galactica (original)Xavier, the corrupt member of the Council of Twelve who tried to introduce Galactica’s technology to Earth’s past, avenges his thwarted takeover by sabotaging Troy and Dillon’s Viper. Xavier’s next targets are the Colonial children, still sheltered on Earth – and making very public use of their unusual abilities.

written by Frank Lupo, Jeff Freilich and Glen A. Larson
directed by Barry Crane

Order the DVDsDownload this episodeGuest Cast: Allan Miller (Colonel Sydell), Jeremy Brett (Xavier), Paul Koslo (Billy), Bert Rosario (Hal), Mike Brick, Jeff Cotler, Nicholas Davies, Ronnie Densford, Georgi Irene, Tracy Justrich, David Larson, Eric Larson, Michelle Larson, Jerry Supiran, Eric Taslitz (Super Scouts)

LogBook entry by Earl Green