What??!?Let me preface this by stating that I don’t know where any of this comes from… but it sure made for an entertaining evening.

LITTLE E: Dad, I need a pencil so I can draw a walking pickle with legs.
ME: This I gotta see. Here you go.

[a short while later]

LITTLE E: Dad, look! A walking pickle with legs and eyes!
ME: Wow! So it is.
LITTLE E: It has two legs!

[thoughtful pause]

LITTLE E: It needs four legs.

[a short while and several revisions later]

LITTLE E: It has millions of legs!

[more like 15 or so, but I always lose count somewhere around there too]

LITTLE E: I’m going to erase its legs.
ME: Oh! Don’t erase the pickle.
LITTLE E: I’m not going to erase the pickle. I’m just going to erase the legs.
ME: Does the walking pickle not need legs?
LITTLE E: No. It’s going to be a pickle in the road.
ME: Why is it in the road?
LITTLE E: It eats cars.
ME: The pickle eats cars?
LITTLE E: It’s a giant pickle that eats cars.
ME: Why does it eat cars?

Ask a silly question, get a silly answer.

And a silly pickle.

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