Brain scan

A couple of my Facebook friends recently posted some personality and intelligence test results courtesy of an app there. I’ve taken those same tests before, but it’s been a while; I went directly to the site for the tests rather than do the Facebook app (even before the recent revelations, I just don’t do Facebook apps) under a silly pseudonym. But what the heck, I’ll post the results here, even if I don’t want them to have my info.

The personality type results:

…just as I suspected, I have none!

The smattering of real and fictional folks with the same basic personality type amused me greatly…

…if you don’t know my TV viewing predilections (or the shows listed – hint: I don’t normally watch Family Guy if I can help it), this’ll probably mean nothing to you. If you do, you’ll probably get the same chuckle I did. Two androids and a dangerous sociopath who’s better with computers than he ever stands a chance of being with people. Surprisingly accurate.

The intelligence test was interesting:

…again, no evidence of any activity there. Actually, I find the alleged musical aptitude a bit surprising, as I still have never mastered reading or writing music manuscript. Anything I write is either in my head, and/or I get it onto tape (well, okay, these days, hard drive) as soon as I can so it doesn’t die with me (not that I’m expecting this to happen anytime terribly soon, and not that it’d be any great loss to the world of music even if it did happen). Mathematical = 80%? Not bloody likely. (Interpersonal skills all the way up to 20%? Also not very likely.)

Why I bothered:
I was just curious as to what, if anything, has changed as I’ve been a parent of a growing little guy. If anything, if this is anything to go by, I’ve become more musical and less extroverted (is the latter even possible?!?). Maybe spending a couple of years at home with a small child had something to do with that, I dunno.

I’ll file a full report on the weekend’s festivities at OVGE, though I’m going to have to rely on my friends for photographic support – I got virtually no sleep before the show (I almost typed “during”) and as such completely forgot to bring a camera of any kind (and I had one charged and ready to go too). Like I said, no evidence of any intelligence at work there. I will say that The One-Ups were awesome – a real highlight of the show, and a mammoth step up from last year’s …ah… musical entertainment. And they’re from Fayetteville no less. We should’ve carpooled. They’re playing Bentonville First Friday on November 5th… I’m seriously tempted.

More later from me, I gotta go rest my empty brain.

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