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Every couple of days I go to’s Twitter account and “tweet” whatever interesting new updates there are to all of about six or seven people, roughly half of whom are folks who already write for and, as such, know what’s coming up anyway. Maybe Twitter is one of these social technologies that’s just “too young for me,” but I’m not sure I’m a good… well… twit. I don’t follow other folks or spend more than a couple of minutes on the site a day (a marked contrast to my Facebook addiction), and I don’t talk 2 u in cool txt msg spk. (My old TV promo job involved packing info into a very small space – soemtimes as small as 4 seconds – so using an economy of actual words instead of bastardized abbreviations is actually a specialty of mine. I refuse 2 resort 2 txt msg spk…D’OH!

I also don’t use theLogBook’s Twitter account to blast my personal status report across the ‘net (or, as I refer to it, assisted stalking). I do enough of that on Facebook (and furthermore it’s only seen by folks who I’ve approved to be on the list), and I only do it on Facebook if I actually have something to report or some clever one-liner to throw out there. Most of my Facebook status updates have to do with taking care of the kiddo.

The plain, simple truth is that I don’t do anything interesting enough during the average day to merit something like Twitter or, arguably, Facebook. I sit at home, looking for promising job listings (and see very few because I’m not a registered nurse with a class “A” commercial drivers’ license who’s also fluent in Spanish). I scratch my butt, my nose, occasionally my shoulder. I eat stuff. I poop later. I work on video projects (literally about the most interesting thing that I do, period, and I guarantee you that you’d put it in the same category as watching paint dry if you were here watching me work on it), I write stuff, I drop the kiddo off for day care for a few hours so he can be with kids his age instead of a kid his dad’s age, I play with the cats, I watch the weather. I occasionally take a nap, and I seldom give one. Thrilling, eh?

Some days I wonder quite what I’m doing on the internet; I’m not sure anyone would notice if I suddenly wasn’t.

So maybe I’m missing the point of Twitter, and maybe it’s early days yet, but thus far, I’m really not seeing much of a benefit from theLogBook’s Twitter account. I’ll give it about another month; if, by that time, half of the “followers” list still consists of folks who already know what’s on the site, I’ll probably ditch it and save myself a little time.

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  1. Twitter isn’t for people like me. I’m an introvert who doesn’t like having a whole lot of attention. The kids growing up today, however, are attention whores. My God, it’s so pathetic to see sometimes. Socially retarded, narcissistic and shallow, it seems like teenagers are incapable of doing anything by themselves. They have to go fishing out on the internet to desperately get people to like them, through Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. I’m actually proud to say that I’ve never been on Facebook. It might have something to do with the fact that I’ve worked retail for so long and I’ve become antisocial (to say the least). I just have no desire to gain acceptance from total strangers on the internet.

  2. I’m almost in the same boat as you – the only reason I’ve signed up with Twitter is to pimp the site. *shrug*

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