Janet Fielding is back??!??!?

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. More Doctor Who news.

Janet “I’ll never have anything to do with that horrible sexist TV series Doctor Who again, aside from representing Paul McGann as his agent in negotiations for the 1996 movie…and doing DVD commentaries and …well …just a single one-off Big Finish audio, and THAT’S IT, never again!” Fielding will feature in a three-story cycle of audios next year. Intriguingly, what’s missing from this puzzle is which Doctor will be appearing in these Tegan stories, though it seems like Davison would be the obvious choice.


One thought on “Janet Fielding is back??!??!?”

  1. I’m gonna skip over those audio stories thank you very much. I can’t stand Tegan, she’s among my least favorite companions in the entire series. Meh.

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