The not-freezing-our-butts-off update

BrrrrrrrThe one guy in the county who will bother to look at our apparently outdated furnace is unavailable until Monday. We’re on our own since then. Borrowed a couple of space heaters from “the fam,” despite my huge, huge, huge reservations about those things (especially in terms of putting one in Evan’s room – I think I finally stopped looking into his room every half hour at around 3am), and we’ve kept the bathroom heaters running full-tilt too. I’ve also been doing a heap of cooking – tuna casserole, chicken, brownies…today’s menu probably includes hamburger helper (with ostrich meat instead of beef – I’m aiming for a minimum of beef usage, or, if you like, keeping it all to a “beef min”) and some teriyaki yumminess. The oven heat vents mostly inside the house (have I ever gotten into how weirdly this house is wired/arranged?), though not all in one place, so there’s a method to the cooking madness.

Evan’s already got a snotty nose, so my race to keep him from getting cold was probably lost on Thursday night when the heat stopped working. He slept warmer last night, though it took him forever to get to sleep with the space heater in his room – it has a blower in it, which made plenty of noise. It was either that or have him sleep in the playpen, which is in the game room – lots of glowy lights generating heat, the Avid making about as much noise as the space heater’s blower…same difference really.

I’ve been trying to do some PDF II work while the Avid’s fired up, but I’m running low on inspiration at the moment. I’m urgently needing a bit of a vacation from the boy, as much as I love him, and you know, working my ass off on the farm on Sunday doesn’t really meet any of the prerequisites of being that vacation. I had to be reminded that yesterday was Friday – the day of the week is pretty meaningless when you’re “on” 24/7 regardless. In that context, weekday or weekend ceases to have any meaning.

Anyway, I’ll stop there before I start getting really grumpy.

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