Dancin’ with Delia and other random thoughts

You know, anymore, it seems like 50% of everything I blog about has something to do with Doctor Who. I really don’t try to do that deliberately, but it just kinda happens. I’m on a Who high at the moment – even rewatched Turn Left on Sci-Fi tonight. I’ve been kinda bummed lately, so I guess I’m clinging tenaciously to whatever has most recently brought a smile to my face. *shrug*

That also means clinging tenaciously to a certain baby. He’s now cruising around the house under his own power, delighting in his mobility, practicing standing up at every possible opportunity, and finding new and exciting objects that he really shouldn’t even think about putting in his mouth, and yet manages to at least think about doing it anyway. He loves chasing Oberon. Poor Obi woke up today, having slept most of the day away in Evan’s bouncy chair, to find Evan standing over him. You could see the fear: oh my God, he’s going to be able to chase me around now. 😆 Today I read him “Sammy, The White House Mouse,” a book that was given to me when I was an extremely young’un – it still has my nameplate sticker in the front of the book. I hadn’t read it in…well…let’s say 30+ years. I’m glad I still have so many of those old books of mine hanging around. (I’m loathe to do away with a book that isn’t a duplicate.)

In news that might seem, at first, to be completely un-Who-related, the BBC reports that 267 open reels of previously undiscovered music by the late Delia Derbyshire – the woman who created the unearthly sounding Doctor Who theme (and whose version is still heavily sampled in the modern series) – were found in her attic and have now been handed over to Manchester University, where the tapes will be restored, catalogued and hopefully at least have their highlights released. If anyone needs to know how mind-bogglingly brilliant Delia was – and isn’t already convinced by the Doctor Who theme or known material such as “Ziwzih Ziwzih OO-OO-OO” – the BBC’s streaming sample of one newly discovered piece of music is simply amazing: it’s what we would today call ambient techno. And she created it. The basis for that whole genre of music. Before synthesizers and drum machines. It’s just mind-blowing stuff – I’m hoping that this material will see release sooner rather than later.

Back to more blatantly-Who-related stuff…a couple of recently revealed action figure box sets, neither of which I have a chance in hell of affording anytime soon, have me drooling. Keep in mind, you’re talking about someone who has a whole display case full of different iterations of the Dapol Dalek figures (which were scaled more or less the same as Star Wars figures), so I’m a sucker for Daleks. Therefore, these two sets are nothing but trouble:

Classic Daleks
Classic Dalek 3-pack: The Daleks (1963), Planet Of The Daleks Dalek Supreme (1973), Genesis Of The Daleks (1975)

Journey's End
Journey’s End 4-pack: Dalek Supreme, “claw arm” Dalek (I thought it was an egg whisk myself…), the Doctor, Davros.

I crave the above carnally, along with the entire classic range due next month and the Torchwood figures due later this month (now pushed back to around Halloween), but with an unexpected $3500+ vehicle repair bill staring us in the face, on top of all the other bills we’ve gotta pay, it looks like my recently-revived figure-collecting jones is probably on hiatus for the rest of ’08.

I’m kinda bummed about the imminent missing of OVGE, if for no other reason than the fact that I’d like to hang out with those among my friends who are over the age of 10 months, but for the reason stated above, it ain’t gonna happen. I urge everyone who’s even vaguely thinking about going to go and support the show so it can come back next year (hopefully). Otherwise I’m going to be just about flat out of occasions to hang out with like-minded adults.

All right, enough rambling – I’m off to snooze with the aforementioned Obi cat.

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