Wow…real labeling

Makes me kinda embarrassed about the first 50 out there with hand-written “labels”. 😳

PDF DVD - now with labeling!

Sweet, eh? As silly as I feel about the 50 hand-written discs, their success made it possible to go this route. I’m not sure anyone appreciates what a no-budget endeavour the first run was: I blew what I had on blank discs and cases, Flack saved my butt by printing and cutting the covers, and after the OKC show I sweated bullets trying to get the word out to the right outlets. Now the whole project has A Budget. Which is almost scary in and of itself. One thing I did today to cover my own butt – but it’s something I’d been promising myself that I’d get around to doing for some time now – was to grab the domain (don’t get too excited – it redirects to PDF here at theLogBook). It just seemed like it was better to lock that down now than to have to fight for it later. (Actually, the internet being what it is, I was surprised that it wasn’t already taken by somebody, somewhere.)

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  1. Yep. I went that route for a reason – the demand on the PDF DVD, to be realistic, will eventually tail off. So rather than having a thousand of them duped and wind up with a few hundred of them taking up space when it runs its course, I’ll probably burn about 20-40 copies a week and, once I see the orders really slow down, burn them only on an as-needed basis. The only thing I’ll be stuck with gobs of then is the cover artwork. I figured that was probably the wisest way to approach it.

    Besides, sometime this fall once everyone’s gotten the PDF DVD out, I should have a book ready to go. But that’s a whole different story. 😉

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