The Outer Limits

The Outer Limits

    Season One: 1963-64

  1. The Galaxy Being
  2. The Hundred Days Of The Dragon
  3. The Architects Of Fear
  4. The Man With The Power
  5. The Sixth Finger
  6. The Man Who Was Never Born
  7. O.B.I.T.
  8. The Human Factor
  9. Corpus Earthling
  10. Nightmare
  11. It Crawled Out Of The Woodwork
  12. The Borderland
  13. Tourist Attraction
  14. The Zanti Misfits
  15. The Mice
  16. A Controlled Experiment
  17. Don’t Open Until Doomsday
  18. ZZZZZZ
  19. The Invisibles
  20. The Bellero Shield
  21. The Children Of Spider County
  22. Specimen: Unknown
  23. Second Chance
  24. The Moonstone
  25. The Mutant
  26. The Guests
  27. Fun And Games
  28. The Special One
  29. A Feasibility Study
  30. The Production And Decay Of Strange Particles
  31. The Chameleon
  32. The Forms Of Things Unknown
  33. Season Two: 1964

  34. Soldier
  35. Cold Hands, Warm Heart
  36. Behold Eck!
  37. The Expanding Human
  38. Demon With A Glass Hand
  39. Cry Of Silence
  40. The Invisible Enemy
  41. Wolf 359
  42. I, Robot
  43. The Inheritors, Part I
  44. The Inheritors, Part II
  45. Keeper Of The Purple Twilight
  46. The Duplicate Man
  47. Counterweight
  48. The Brain Of Colonel Barham
  49. The Premonition
  50. Probe

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