The Hundred Days Of The Dragon

The Outer LimitsAs the Presidential election looms in the United States, an east Asian government plans a shocking takeover strategy – using a well-briefed deep cover agent and a serum which renders his skin pliable, capable of mimicking another person’s face and even their fingerprints, they will replace William L. Selby, the leading candidate, putting their man into office when he wins the election. The agent breaks into Selby’s hotel room, injects the real Selby with the skin serum, turning him into the likeness of a foreign agent – and then shoots him at point-blank range, later claiming self-defense. As anticipated, “Selby” wins the election, but soon after taking office he surprises his Vice President with the news that he will meet with the Chinese leader, brokering a troop withdrawal from a disputed southeast Asian nation. Selby’s Vice President doesn’t agree with him, but his dissent will soon be of little consequence – the Chinese delegation arriving to meet with the President is also planning on the replacement of more key officials in the United States government.

Download this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Allan Balter and Robert Mintz
directed by Byron Haskin
music by Dominic Frontiere

Cast: Sidney Blackmer (William Selby), Phillip Pine (Theodore Pearson), Mark Roberts (Robert Carter), Nancy Rennick (Carol Conner), Aki Aleong (Dr. Su-Lin), Richard Loo (Li-Chin Sung), Joan Camden (Ann Pearson), Bert Remsen (Frank Summers), Clarence Lung (Major Ho Chi-Wang), Henry Scott (Agent Marshall), James Hong (Wen Lee), James Yagi (Li Kwan)

LogBook entry by Earl Green