The Man With The Power

The Outer LimitsHarold Findley, an ordinary man who recently underwent a brain operation hasn’t revealed the full extent of his surgery to the world. He actually volunteered for a very experimental, very secret and very dangerous procedure that would give him control over raw energy – an ability which begins to manifest itself in a terrifying way when violent fates begin to befall those who anger him. The procedure is being tested as a top-secret enhancement for astronauts on long-duration asteroid mining missions, but as Finley’s powers grow more destructive, he begins to see that he may also be the first example of a new human weapon…one with the means to destroy the world with a single thought.

Download this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Jerome Ross
directed by Laslo Benedek
music by Dominic Frontiere

Cast: Donald Pleasance (Harold J. Finley), Priscilla Morrill (Vera Finley), Fred Bier (Steve Cravett), Edward C. Platt (Dean Radcliffe), John Marley (Dr. Hindemann), Frank Maxwell (Dr. Keenan), Paul Lambert (Dr. Henschel), James McCallion (Dr. Tremaine), Ann Loos (Emily Radcliffe), Harry Ellerbee (Finley’s Doctor)

LogBook entry by Earl Green