The Architects Of Fear

The Outer LimitsA shadowy committee within the U.S. government contemplates an audacious scheme – to unite the world in peace against a common, but invented, enemy. But one of the committee’s members must volunteer to become that enemy, transformed by painful surgical procedures after an arranged “death” is concocted to cover the chosen member’s disappearance. Alan Leighton is picked at random to be transforned into an “alien” invader – meaning he must leave his wife behind as a widow. But the ruse will crumble if, even after his transformation, Leighton can’t resist contacting his wife to reveal the truth.

Download this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Meyer Dolinsky
directed by Byron Haskin
music by Dominic Frontiere

Cast: Robert Culp (Alan Leighton), Leonard Stone (Dr. Gainer), Martin Wolfson (Dr. Herschel), Geraldine Brooks (Yvette Leighton), Hal Bokar (Bert Bolsey), William Bush (Big Tom), Clay Tanner (Fred), Lee Zimmer (Carl)

LogBook entry by Earl Green