OVGE Pre-Flight Checks

Power UP! Today was a day of dusting, battery compartment cleaning, screen-cleaning and general getting-ready for this weekend’s OVGE event in Broken Arrow. Everything, even my finicky Coleco Donkey Kong Jr. tabletop, is ready for action.

Coleco Mini-Arcades

The theme of my display for this year is how much portable gaming has changed. (Spoiler alert: it’s changed a BUNCH.)

Coleco Mini-Arcades

Extra batteries are on standby, and the mini-arcade is at the ready. Are you?

Konsplosion konfirmed!

KonsplosionI’m confirmed as a panelist at Konsplosion, this September in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The scheduling here is a bit tricky: I’ve been committed to this year’s OVGE since… well… last year’s OVGE. This year’s OVGE is the tenth anniversary show, the tables are already reserved, and I can’t really not go.

So the trick here is this: Konsplosion runs September 20th through 22nd. I will do three panels – probably back to back! – on the 22nd: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, Brit Sci-Fi that isn’t Doctor Who, and the Early History of Video Games. I will have my books and DVDs there to sell/sign between panels. (The books and DVDs will also be available at OVGE the day before.)

I will not have a table at Konsplosion, but my good friends at the Facebook group River Valley Time Lords will have one. Basically, if you’re anywhere in the western half of Arkansas and you like time traveling police boxes, you probably need to be joining that group rightaboutnowish. Big Things are being planned in this area. This area needs cool geeky stuff, and I’m proud to have even a small hand in helping to make some of that stuff happen.

Anyway, that’s the update. Stay tuned!

Convention update: GlitchCon video game history panel

OdysseyI’m going to be at Glitchcon in Springdale next month, showing off the various fruit that falls off of the multifarious branches of theLogBook.com – the books, the DVDs, the podcast, the ‘zine, the site itself. Heck, you can probably talk me into letting you hear some Kasatochi. I’ll have a table in the vendors’ room – drop by and say howdy! (Fear not, there are faaaaaaar more interesting things than me to see, including Steve Downes, the voice actor behind the helmet of Master Chief in the Halo games, sneak-previewing something perhaps Halo-related at his panel.)

I’ll also be hosting a panel of my own, though it’ll be unconventional to say the least. I’m going to do an early-history-of-video-gaming panel, and allow everyone to get their butts out of their seats and try stuff out hands-on. Read More

Convention(al) wisdom

Dear diaryI did five shows in 2012, and had fun at each one to some degree. I’ve also learned a lot of stuff. Did you know that, prior to 2012, I’d never been to a sci-fi or comics convention… ever? Seems kind of odd when one’s as big a fan of nearly everything as I am, until you factor in my aversion to crowds, nervousness at awkward social situations (to me, just introducing myself to people I don’t know is awkward)… basically, typical introvert. And instead of being able to zip around and See All The Stuff, never staying in one place for long, I’m rooted to one spot, because this is work. Read More