Oh, now this is just way cool.

Confucius say: manual manipulation of SQL database is most tricky with kitten on keyboard.

I’ve been playing with a couple of WordPress plugins today and finally got both of them working – color me happy. The one I’m most impressed with is a Flash-based audio player which lets you specify an MP3 file on the server and then the plug-in gets on with it – if it’s been encoded properly (and most people probably aren’t going to pick some weird sampling rate), it plays it beautifully. Give it a shot on the music page. (I’ve also installed this on my work page for the very few radio spots that are archived there.) If you’ve got a WordPress blog and some audio content and want to try it out, I highly, highly recommend Martin Laine’s Audio Player plugin. The degree to which it can be customized is impressive, and it solves a pet peeve I have about my content leaving my site. Damn it, I want you people to come here and stay here. 😆 I really wish I had more time to do the podcasting thing, because this plugin is absolutely freakin’ perfect for it.

I’m still working with the Top 10 Posts plugin, but I think I finally have it functioning properly. This is also activated in my work blog, though its results seem to skew themselves a bit – anything that’s on the front page of the blog automatically gets “hits” out of the deal. I’m planning on implementing this in the WordPress versions of the site’s review pages and episode guides, but I’m also keeping an eye out for anything that doesn’t mess with its own results like that; I may also try putting a static page at the front of each of those sections, which may also accomplish that.

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