Neptune, all night

25 years ago tonight, Voyager 2 made its closest pass by Neptune, zipping over the cloudtops at Neptune’s north pole at a distance of barely 17,000 miles. That’s a close shave by space probe standards. And make no mistake, Voyager had spent the past month or so showing us amazing things.

on approach (more…)

We’ve voided the warranty on the planet

Holy crap, guys.

It’s after 9pm.

The sun has gone down.

It’s dark outside.

It’s also nearly 90 degrees outside with a heat index of nearly 100 degrees outside. Right now.

If we don’t stop royally screwing this one up, they’re going to stop giving us planets.

Oh, wait. The planets will still be there. We, however, won’t be.

(If you’re wondering why you’re staring at something from the Weather Channel from the 1990s, fear not – that’s actually from tonight, and you’re probably new here. Go read this.)

Do you even know how to vend?

This year, in the Facebook groups for two local conventions that I support and attend, there were little blow-ups at the last minute that got under my skin a bit. In one case, an attendee was protesting the long-standing rule that he couldn’t sell his own games person-to-person on the show floor. (That’s a no brainer. If anyone can do that, why pay for vendor tables?) In another case, a poster was berating Sunday foot traffic at the convention in the past and made the observation: “Glad I wasn’t a vendor. I would have been pissed. Because if you didn’t make your money on Saturday, you damn sure wasn’t going to make it on Sunday.”

Whoa there! :lol: Just stop before you embarrass yourself any further. Seriously. Because if you are a vendor, you’re the author of your own destiny at these shindigs. What follows is a slightly disjointed series of notes that I’ve jotted down over three years or so. (more…)

The outskirts

Pluto and CharonI’ve initiated a new category here at Scribblings to encompass my rants, musings and occasional artistic dabblings on the subject of real space exploration. If there’s a surprise here, it’s that I haven’t had a category for such things in the past.

One of the things that inspired this change is this exceedingly brief movie from the outskirts of the solar system. (more…)

First book… second edition… now available!

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