Ladies and gentlemen, keyborads. Does what it says on the box.


Gotta love it when someone basically hand-writes a typo. I wanted to scribble “teh” out to the left.

Overheard last night at Subway while I was waiting for the toaster oven to finish toastin’ up sammiches for Little E and me…

Customer: I want… can I just get an eight-inch sub?
Sandwich Artistâ„¢: An…eight inch sub?
Customer: I want more than a six inch sub but I don’t need a footlong.
Sandwich Artistâ„¢: We don’t have an eight inch sub.
Customer: How many inches have you got?
Bald fat guy who’s exhausted beyond any ability to edit his own responses: *snickers loudly*

(Deathly silence as Customer and Sandwich Artistâ„¢ stare down bald fat guy who’s exhausted beyond any ability to edit his own responses)

As they say in that one episode of South Park, “IT WAS FUNNY!

The two seventh birthdays of Little E

An Ewok in a party hatLittle E turned 7 on the 19th – wow! Despite numerous suggestions that he was going to get a baby brother for his birthday, I wanted him to have one last big birthday bash all to himself. And so did he – after attending two birthday parties in the same weekend, two weeks prior to his birthday, he suddenly announced that he wanted to have a birthday party too, one that all his friends could attend. Maybe at the park. Maybe the park with the ducks. Which, with two weeks to go, is quite the bold declaration. Attempts to look into reserving the park with the ducks yielded little information, and in any case the forecast for his birthday was looking like an outdoor party might be a bust. I started looking around for possible venues, but it was too close to the actual date; a second birthday party would have to be held a week after the 19th. (more…)

Neptune, all night

25 years ago tonight, Voyager 2 made its closest pass by Neptune, zipping over the cloudtops at Neptune’s north pole at a distance of barely 17,000 miles. That’s a close shave by space probe standards. And make no mistake, Voyager had spent the past month or so showing us amazing things.

on approach (more…)

We’ve voided the warranty on the planet

Holy crap, guys.

It’s after 9pm.

The sun has gone down.

It’s dark outside.

It’s also nearly 90 degrees outside with a heat index of nearly 100 degrees outside. Right now.

If we don’t stop royally screwing this one up, they’re going to stop giving us planets.

Oh, wait. The planets will still be there. We, however, won’t be.

(If you’re wondering why you’re staring at something from the Weather Channel from the 1990s, fear not – that’s actually from tonight, and you’re probably new here. Go read this.)

First book… second edition… now available!

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