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The Raider Record, Vol. 22 #1

And so it begins.

Raider Record

Okay, rewind a bit. In the course of going through some folders and boxes I have been carrying around with me for decades, but haven’t gone through, I found treasure – namely, the entire two-year run of my junior high school newspaper during my tenure in eighth and ninth grade journalism class. All seriously yellowed Raider Recordand fragile, but all complete. The good and the bad, the inadequacies and the excesses of youth, are all really, really on display here. And unless I somehow turn up an old folder with hand-written missives and stories from grade school, this is the earliest record of me, or my lifelong friend and partner-in-crime Rob Heyman, as a writer.

To tell that story, one has to rewind a bit further. I understand that not everyone will really care about all the background, so let’s keep the meat & potatoes up front: right-click this link to download a PDF of this issue of the Raider Record, published exactly 31 years and a few days ago. The file is approximately 13 megs.

And now the backstory. (more…)

On Mars, BRB


Murray Buttes, Mars, day before yesterday, stitched together in ~10 minutes from images on the Curiosity raw image server. The seams show in a couple of places, but if you can overlook those… look upon it in wonder. Click to see a (much, much) bigger version.

The Hunt for the Blue Yeti

As time goes by...Last month, following running conversations with several fellow podcasters (some in private, some out in the open) about sound quality, I spotted an “open box” Blue Yeti microphone on Amazon. It was classified as “used”, though the listing specified that all it was missing was the box and the manual, and it had not really been “used” used. It was marked down roughly 50% – a huge thing, since a brand new Yeti will typically relieve you of over $100. With shipping, this one was about $65. And…I spotted the listing at the worst possible time. I was dead broke.

Even though my next paycheck was more or less spoken for, I decided I’d pull the trigger and buy that Yeti if it was still there on my next payday. And it was. And now it’s mine. (more…)

First book… second edition… now available!

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