Today I peeked around the corner to check on Little C, expecting to find him – as usual – sleeping peacefully in his crib as Little E plays a game or watches cartoons with his headphones on. (Little E had a dental appointment today, hence I had both boys at home.) That would be typical for both boys being at home. But instead… I saw this: Little C watching with rapt attention as Little E plays a game.

Little C and Little E (more…)

I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for…a WHATburger?

O faceI still screen my mail with Mailwasher, and it’s a memory hog that sometimes “sticks” when I open the usually-minimized window, resulting in momentary, fleeting mashups of multiple spammy subject lines.

But none as epic as this one I just saw:

“I had 3 orgasms yesterday – Loans available for your business”

Yes, please. Loan me an orgasm. I promise to give it back to you. With interest. :lol:


Old Fart FishSo, let’s say there’s a hypothetical city whose hypothetical residents are convinced by a small but loud minority, who want Nothing To Change, Ever, to spend decades voting against improvements and upgrades to infrastructure, even necessary things like sanitation and sewage. Instead of incrementally and relatively painlessly introducing these things (and their costs) as needed, they vote for Nothing To Change, Ever.

Until the outside world steps in and says, no, actually, it’s not okay to have punched the pause button at 1974; these things are not optional amenities, modern life sort of demands them. So now you’ll pay for them all at once. Naturally, this is passed on to the residents, who have to foot the bill. “Boo!” scream the voters who wanted Nothing To Change, Ever. “It’s not fair that we should have to pay for the city’s mistake!”

When actually… yes, yes it is fair. Because by voting for Nothing To Change, Ever, they are actually the ones who made the mistake – they directed the city to make the mistake – and they should pay for it. Sadly, quite a few people who had spent years voting in vain for forward motion have to pay for it too… but they were the ones willing to pay for it all along, back when it would’ve cost less instead of slamming somewhat painfully into everyone’s head like an enormous haddock, inexplicably traveling through the air at approximately 40 miles per hour in precisely the way that haddocks are not known to travel. It’s just not a naturally tenable position for them. Then again, sticking one’s fingers in one’s ears and hoping for Nothing To Change, Ever, is also not a naturally tenable position.

Hypothetically speaking, of course. Any resemblance to actual cities where I may have actually grown up are purely coincidental.

First book… second edition… now available!

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