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Do you even know how to vend?

This year, in the Facebook groups for two local conventions that I support and attend, there were little blow-ups at the last minute that got under my skin a bit. In one case, an attendee was protesting the long-standing rule that he couldn’t sell his own games person-to-person on the show floor. (That’s a no brainer. If anyone can do that, why pay for vendor tables?) In another case, a poster was berating Sunday foot traffic at the convention in the past and made the observation: “Glad I wasn’t a vendor. I would have been pissed. Because if you didn’t make your money on Saturday, you damn sure wasn’t going to make it on Sunday.”

Whoa there! :lol: Just stop before you embarrass yourself any further. Seriously. Because if you are a vendor, you’re the author of your own destiny at these shindigs. What follows is a slightly disjointed series of notes that I’ve jotted down over three years or so. (more…)

The outskirts

Pluto and CharonI’ve initiated a new category here at Scribblings to encompass my rants, musings and occasional artistic dabblings on the subject of real space exploration. If there’s a surprise here, it’s that I haven’t had a category for such things in the past.

One of the things that inspired this change is this exceedingly brief movie from the outskirts of the solar system. (more…)

OVGE Pre-Flight Checks

Power UP! Today was a day of dusting, battery compartment cleaning, screen-cleaning and general getting-ready for this weekend’s OVGE event in Broken Arrow. Everything, even my finicky Coleco Donkey Kong Jr. tabletop, is ready for action.

Coleco Mini-Arcades

The theme of my display for this year is how much portable gaming has changed. (Spoiler alert: it’s changed a BUNCH.)

Coleco Mini-Arcades

Extra batteries are on standby, and the mini-arcade is at the ready. Are you?

First book… second edition… now available!

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