Remembering Aron Eisenberg

I’m still trying to process the news that Aron Eisenberg passed last night. The evolution of his Ferengi character, Nog, on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine had a lot of personal meaning for me, as I think was the case for anyone who’s ever had to stand toe-to-toe with someone and say “give me a chance to prove I’m more than what you think I am.” Read More

The Black Hole & WALL-E Cinematic Universe

There is, in fact, method to the madness I’ve been talking about for many a year. These two movies belong together. Here, I’ll show my work. Images are zoomable. Feel free to send others here so they, too, can rewatch both movies in this somewhat disturbing new light!

By the way, the new Blu-Ray edition of The Black Hole is outstanding.

The Black Hole & WALL-E Cinematic Universe Read More

Coffee expertly roasted by dragons

Okay, so here’s the thing. I used to do post-production for a living, albeit for a local TV station or four in one state or another. So I know, intimately, what kind of phone call *somebody* almost certainly got at 11 o’clock Pacific time last night to start the process of editing a Starbucks cup out of existence in a scene from Game Of Thrones. I know that call too well. It goes a little something like this:

“Hey Earl, you’ve got some free time between now and ten, right?” Read More

Of styro-stuffing, set-building, and starting to feel like home

When we toured the house in Utah that we’ve wound up renting, the first glimpse of the basement – an area as big as the living room upstairs, but in a decidedly unfinished state without even so much as drywall in most places – there was talk of contractors coming and going for the first several weeks that we were there until the room was done.

Having come from a house that had, for several years, had bare concrete floors, I took one look and said we’d take it as-is. I saw exposed beams and rafters from which lights could be hung, places where a camera or two could be mounted, unfinished walls where I could put acoustic foam to make the space a better recording studio, and the floor was nothing new to me. I saw the studio that this space could be. Read More

Review: Flynn’s Retrocade

When we last left the Little Green Men and their Big Green Dad, they were searching for a new “arcade home” in northern Utah, and they encountered… disappointment.

This weekend, however, was a different story. The kids’ mother was off work, she wanted to spend some time with them, and having last taken them to a mostly-out-of-order “arcade” that reeked of a dive bar in decline, I thought maybe I’d better scout out the next place by myself to make sure it was appropriate. This particular voyage of discovery took me about an hour north of our temporary home base in Lehi to the small town of Roy, Utah… home of Flynn’s Retrocade. Read More