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Xena: Warrior PrincessXena and Gabrielle’s morning of fishing is interrupted when some men chase a young boy into their area. After dealing with the men, they learn from the boy, Icus, that his father is going to sacrifice him and that was why he was being chased. Xena hides Icus and Gabrielle in a cave that she once used for her army, and goes to talk to the boy’s father. His father, Anteus, seems relieved that Xena and Gabrielle are watching over his son. Maell convinces the zealots that Xena must die. Gabrielle is telling stories to Icus, but the boy isn’t listening. He’s wondering about why his father wants to sacrifice him. The bard tries to reassure him that Xena will find a way to keep that from happening. She then wishes she had something to eat, since the fish that she and Xena caught were used as a weapon by the warrior. Icus says he has plenty of food that his mom packed for him. One of the things that he has to eat is a large piece of nut bread, one of Gabrielle’s favorite foods. The warrior finds his mother at the temple of Hestia. She tells Xena that the supreme one told Anteus to make Icus the next leader instead of his older brother Maell. She then asks Xena to take more nutbread to Icus. She has some that Maell had specially made for his father. Xena realizes that there is something wrong with the nutbread and races back to the cave. She finds Gabrielle asleep on the floor of the cave and Icus is gone. When she wakes the young woman, the bard acts strangely. She has no idea what happened to Icus. Xena tells Gabrielle to stay in the cave, while she goes to find the boy. Icus, concerned about his new friend has returned home to ask his mother to help Gabrielle. But the zealots come and grab him. One stands guard over his mother, while the others take him to Anteus. Xena takes care of the zealot, and goes after the ones who have taken the boy. She distracts them and is able to get Icus away from them. Xena and Icus find Anteus slumped over the altar. He’s exhausted and Xena helps him return home. She asks him again to spare his son, but he won’t. She tells him that she will stop him, and Anteus says part of him hopes she will succeed. Once the warrior has returned the father and son to their home, she explains that the nutbread that Maell has been giving Anteus is drugged. She’s interrupted by a knock on the door. It’s Gabrielle. She was told by a rock to come and find Xena. The warrior points out that the bard has been hearing voices because of the nutbread she ate. Icus spots his brother and the zealots outside. He runs out the other door and Xena follows him. He’s angry and says that everything would have been fine if she hadn’t interfered. Xena returns to the house and finds that Maell has Gabrielle with a knife to her throat. He promises he won’t hurt anyone as long as Xena cooperates. He has the two women thrown into the well.

Order the DVDswritten by Chris Manheim
directed by Michael Levine
music by Joseph LoDuca

Guest Cast: David Ackroyd (Anteus), Karl Urban (Maell), David deLautour (Icus), Teresa Woodham (Zora), Sean Ashton-Peach (Zealot #1), Jack Dacey (Brawny Zealot), Peter Ford (Zealot Guard), Graham Smith (Senior Zealot)

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell