Maternal Instincts

Xena: Warrior PrincessXena and Gabrielle arrive at the village where the Centaurs are to meet in an effort to reunite their nation. They are greeted by Kaleipus, Solan, Ephiny, and her son Xenan. Not far from the village, a young girl is playing with a ball near a canyon. Suddenly the ground far below cracks open, freeing Callisto. The evil goddess decides to send a message to Xena about the warrior’s secret.

Order the DVDswritten by Chris Manheim
directed by Mark Beesley
music by Joseph LoDuca

Guest Cast: Hudson Leick (Callisto), Danielle Cormack (Ephiny), David Taylor (Solan), Amy Morrison (Hope), Jeff Boyd (Kaleipus), Reece Redewk (Xenan)

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell