Lazarus From The Mist

The StarlostAs Devon, Rachel and Garth explore the unmanned bridge, the Ark’s computer alerts them to an emergency in the command medical center. When the three go to find this place, they discover something potentially even more terrifying than the Ark’s flight toward a star: they are not alone on the Ark. A group of vicious primitives attacks, accusing them of being thieves, and suddenly Devon and his friends are on the run. Garth stays behind to fend off the attackers, while Devon and Rachel find the medical center, where the computer directs them to activity in the cryonic “life suspension” chambers: several members of the Ark’s crew were cryogenically frozen and one of them is beginning to awaken. But the crewmember who is awakening, Dr. Aaron, was frozen because he had contracted a terminal disease – and it was hoped that medical science would have advanced enough to cure him in what little time he would have left upon awakening. With only two hours of life left unless he is refrozen, Dr. Aaron helps Devon and the others as best he can, but he’s only the ship’s communications engineer and can’t change the Ark’s course. And then there’s the question of making peace with the savages who roam the corridors and securing Garth’s safe return…

Get this season on DVDwritten by Douglas Hall and Don Wallace
directed by Leo Orenstein
music by Score Productions Ltd.

Guest Cast: Frank Converse (Dr. Gerald Aaron), Vivian Reis (Jane), William Osler (Computer Voice), Doug McGrath (Sergeant), Clive Endersby (1st Tube Dweller), Alan Bleviss (2nd Tube Dweller)

LogBook entry by Earl Green