The OrvilleCaptain Mercer has become a frequent flyer at the bar aboard the Orville, and he’s not the only one; his unaddressed feelings for his ex – who still happens to be the Orville‘s first officer – are nagging away at him. Something a bit more basic is nagging at Bortus, though: the time of his Ja’loja, a Moclan ritual that’s somewhere between a birthday and a good long visit to the toilet, approaches, and he asks Mercer to divert the ship to his homeworld. When Mercer confesses his feelings to Commander Grayson, he’s crushed to learn that she’s dating someone else aboard the ship, and his curiosity as to who it is leads him to some less-than-subtle overreach of command privilege. A quick stop at a Union outpost allows a new dark matter cartographer, Lt. Janel Tyler, to come aboard, and Gordon instantly obsesses over how best to ask her out, which could make things a bit awkward since her station is right next to his at the helm. Dr. Finn worries that her oldest son Marcus’ new friend is a bad influence on him, only to discover that his friend’s parents are making that assumption about Marcus.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Seth MacFarlane
directed by Seth MacFarlane
music by John Debney

The OrvilleCast: Seth MacFarlane (Captain Ed Mercer), Adrianne Palicki (Commander Kelly Grayson), Penny Johnson Jerald (Dr. Claire Finn), Scott Grimes (Lt. Gordon Malloy), Peter Macon (Lt. Commander Bortus), Halston Sage (Lt. Alara Kitan), J Lee (Lt. John LaMarr), Mark Jackson (Isaac), Chad L. Coleman (Klyden), Will Sasso (Mooska), Mike Henry (Dann), Chris Johnson (Cassius), Jason Alexander (Olix), Kai Wener (Ty Finn), B.J. Tanner (Marcus Finn), Blesson Yates (Topa), Jake Brennan (James), Adam J. Smith (Nathan), Kristen O’Meara (Jody), Rachael MacFarlane (Computer Voice), Luke Clark (Kid #1), Alicia Leigh Willis (Woman), Francesca Catalano (Xelayan woman), Melvin Diggs (Shuttle bay lieutenant), Michaela McManus (Lt. Janel Tyler)

LogBook entry by Earl Green