A Pile Of Stones

The ChangesWelcome to Shipton. Nicky doesn’t feel that welcome, “convicted” as a witch by the locals and sentenced to death by stoning at the urging of the fanatical Mr. Gordon, who holds thrall over the entire village. Not all of the locals are taken in by Mr. Gordon’s religious zeal, however: Jonathon and Margaret, a brother and sister whose parents live at the farm where Nicky was discovered, free Nicky from captivity and set a fire to cover their tracks. Jonathon, who was employed at a local shipyard until the madness descended upon the world, has been repairing a boat and offers to help Nicky escape, but not before evidence of his involvement in freeing her has been found.

written by Anna Home
based on the novels by Peter Dickinson
directed by John Prowse
music by Paddy Kingsland

The ChangesCast: Vicky Williams (Nicky), Keith Ashton (Jonathon), David Garfield (Mr. Gordon), Jack Watson (Peter), Zuleika Robson (Margaret), Stella Tanner (Anne), Tony Hughes (Jack)

LogBook entry by Earl Green