The ChangesJonathon’s involvement in Nicky’s escape leaves his father torn; Mr. Gordon is now prepared to execute both. Mr. Gordon even threatens Margaret at knifepoint until she tells him about the escape plan involving Jonathon’s boat, Heartsease. Peter, Margaret and Jonathon’s father, watches helplessly, and comes under intense pressure from Mr. Gordon to join his hunting party. Margaret, in the meantime, has made her choice, and sets out to help Jonathon and Nicky.

written by Anna Home
based on the novels by Peter Dickinson
directed by John Prowse
music by Paddy Kingsland

The ChangesCast: Vicky Williams (Nicky), Keith Ashton (Jonathon), David Garfield (Mr. Gordon), Jack Watson (Peter), Tony Hughes (Jack), Zuleika Robson (Margaret), Stella Tanner (Anne), Kenneth Gilbert (Innkeeper), Daphne Neville (Villager), Godfrey Jackman (Publican)

LogBook entry by Earl Green