Stargate SG-1During a briefing for a mission to find the missing SG-11 team, the stargate activates with that team’s code, but the only thing to emerge through the gate is an arrow, which pierces the briefing room’s bulletproof glass and O’Neill’s arm along with it. SG-11 had been attempting to mine a newly-discovered metal on another world, and the arrow proves to be made of the same metal. O’Neill is sidelined by the injury, and Carter takes command of SG-1 for the first time, with orders to diplomatically resolve whatever offense SG-11 may have caused the planet’s native populace. Carter and the others are captured by a tribe descended from Native Americans who were once abducted from Earth to serve as Goa’uld slave labor, but then rose up and freed themselves with the help of their “spirits.” Carter manages to establish enough of a friendly rapport that SG-11’s release is freed. But when she brings a representative of the tribe back to the SGC with her, she has unwittingly brought something else as well – and when General Hammond reveals a plan to mine the planet with or without the tribe’s permission, everyone in the SGC discovers just how powerful those spirits are.

Order the DVDswritten by Tor Alexander Valenza
directed by Martin Wood
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Rodney A. Grant (Tonanè), Alex Zahara (Xe’ls), Christina Cox (T’akaya), Kevin McNulty (Dr. Warner), Roger R. Cross (Capt. Conner), Chief Leonard George (Elder #1), Byron Chief Moon (Elder #2), Jason Calders (Alien #1), Laara Sadiq (Female Technician)

LogBook entry by Earl Green