Cold Lazarus

Stargate SG-1Examining crystalline formations on an unexplored world, O’Neill is knocked out cold by a burst of energy – and then a duplicate of him appears to accompany SG-1 back to Earth. The duplicate goes through O’Neill’s personal effects, finding a picture of what he believes is O’Neill’s home, and then goes there, and a disturbing encounter with O’Neill’s ex-wife ensues. It quickly becomes apparent that this duplicate knows nothing of what happened to O’Neill’s son Charlie, who died after accidentally shooting himself with O’Neill’s gun. When the real O’Neill recovers and comes through the stargate, he’s treated as a duplicate until he can prove who he really is – but before the team can figure out what has happened, the ersatz O’Neill, actually a being composed of energy, has begun to lose his human form, endangering everyone around him.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Jeff King
directed by Kenneth J. Girotti
music by Richard Band

Guest Cast: Harley Jane Kozak (Sara O’Neill), Teryl Rothery (Dr. Fraiser), Gary Jones (Technician), Wally Dalton (Sara’s Father), Kyle Graham (Charlie O’Neill), Marc Baur (Senior Cop), Jane Spence (Nurse), Carmen Moore (Lab Assistant), Charles Pyne (Guard NCO)

Notes: In another example of changed spellings, Jack’s wife is listed as “Sara” in the series, but as “Sarah” in the credits to the movie.

LogBook entry by Earl Green with notes by Dave Thomer