New Ground

Stargate SG-1On a world previously unvisited by SG-1, a stargate is unearthed by indigenous archaeologists. When the gate opens and a MALP rolls through, they’re stunned; Daniel speaks to them via two-way radio built into the MALP unit, and asks if SG-1 can visit. But as soon as they’re through the gate, the team learns that there’s a war on between two fundamentally different belief systems – and the very presence of humans from another world will cause that war to heat up even more. O’Neill, Carter and Daniel are captured, while Teal’c goes into hiding to bide his time for a rescue attempt. A close encounter with one of the armed locals leaves the Jaffa blinded and all but defenseless. O’Neill and the others quickly learn the gravity of their situation: they will most likely be executed, the gate reburied, and the entire incident covered up, all to protect the belief system of one of the planet’s dominant nations. But when the archaeological dig uncovers the gate’s DHD, there’s also an opportunity for the “heretics” to escape.

Order the DVDswritten by Heather E. Ash
directed by Chris McMullin
music by Joel Goldsmith and Kevin Kiner

Guest Cast: Richard Ian Cox (Nyan), Daryl Shuttleworth (Rygar), Teryl Rothery (Dr. Fraiser), Desiree Zuroski (Parcy), Jennifer Copping (Mallin), Bill Nikolai (Technician), Finn Michael (Soldier)

LogBook entry by Earl Green