A Matter Of Time

Stargate SG-1The stargate opens at the SGC, and an unusual signal is received – a signal which the SGC computers have to speed up 600% before it’s recognized as the ID signal for the SG-10 team led by Major Boyd. Boyd’s team, however, never comes through the gate – and the gate doesn’t shut down. A remote probe transmits, at an even slower rate, a horrifying picture: Boyd and his team screaming in utter terror as a black hole fills the sky of the planet they were exploring. No rescue mission can be mounted without sharing SG-10’s fate. But when the gate stays open longer than 38 minutes, Carter realizes there’s a problem. The black hole’s gravity is affecting the SGC through the open wormhole, and even the intense gravity is being felt, affecting time and physical space. If the stargate can’t be closed, everyone and everything on Earth may experience the same fate as SG-10.

Order the DVDsstory by Misha Rashovich
teleplay by Brad Wright
directed by Martin Wood
music by Joel Goldsmith, Richard Band and Kevin Kiner

Guest Cast: Marhsall Teague (Colonel Frank Cromwell), Teryl Rothery (Dr. Fraiser), Tobias Mehler (Lt. Simmons), Colin Cunningham (Major Davis), Dan Shea (Sergeant Siler), Biski Gugushe (SF Guard), Kurt Max Runte (Major Boyd), Jim Thorburn (Watts)

Notes: Marshall Teague is a recurring mainstay of another popular SF franchise, Babylon 5. A former law enforcement officer, Teague was involved in that show from its first filmed episode (Infection), though he became best known for the recurring role of Narn bodyguard (and later ambassador) Ta’lon.

LogBook entry by Earl Green