The Bride of Chaotica

Star Trek: VoyagerThe Story So Far: In our last adventure, heroic space pilot Tom Paris created a holodeck simulation to recreate the sci-fi serials of the 1950s. But this week, young Tom is faced with a deadly dilemma as photonic aliens board the proud starship Voyager and find themselves under attack from the evil Doctor Chaotica! Will Tom vanquish the evil Chaotica and make peace with these visitors made of light? Will Captain Janeway save the crew without losing her dignity in the process? Tune in next time, true believers!

Order the DVDsteleplay by Bryan Fuller & Michael Taylor
story by Bryan Fuller
directed by Allan Kroeker
music by Paul Baillargeon

Guest Cast: Martin Rayner (Dr. Chaotica), Nicholas Worth (Lonzak), Jim Krestalude (Alien #1), Tarik Ergin (Robot), Majel Barrett (Computer voice)

LogBook entry by Earl Green