Workforce – Part II

Star Trek: VoyagerStardate 54622.4: Chakotay is stranded on Quarra. Neelix has beamed back to Voyager with the brainwashed B’Elanna Torres, but with a heavy attack from Quarren security ships, Voyager has had to retreat (under the command of Ensign Kim and the Emergency Command Hologram). The first office manages to elude capture and meets with Janeway, who refuses to believe what he tells her about her true identity. But when the Quarren authorities finally capture Chakotay, and when Janeway’s new love dismisses what Chakotay told her, the fate of Voyager’s entire crew – whether or not they know who they truly are – lies in her hands.

Order the DVDsteleplay by Kenneth Biller & Michael Taylor
story by Kenneth Biller & Bryan Fuller
directed by Roxann Dawson
music by

Guest Cast: Don Most (Kadan), Tom Virtue (Supervisor), James Read (Jaffen), Jay Harrington (Ravoc), Damara Reilly (Alien Surgeon), Robert Joy (Yerid), Matt Williamson (Security Officer #2), John Aniston (Quarren Ambassador), Joseph Will (Security Officer #3), Majel Barrett (Narrator)

LogBook entry by Earl Green