Star Trek: VoyagerStardate 53263.2: Tuvok is critically injured as he and Neelix return to Voyager from a routine diplomatic mission. As Tuvok lies comatose in sick bay, Deputy Investigator Nerok of the K’sath arrives to look into the incident. Nerok blames Tuvok’s attack on the B’neth, legendary creatures whose existence is officially denied by the K’sath government. Nerok is eager to use this opportunity to prove the B’neth do exist, but the star witness, though recovering, is having to start over again mentally. Despite his frequent annoyance with the Talaxian in the past, Tuvok now turns to Neelix for support and guidance.

Order the DVDsteleplay by Robert Doherty
story by Andrè Bormanis
directed by Roxann Dawson
music by Jay Chattaway

Guest Cast: Mark Moses (Nerok)

LogBook entry by Earl Green